12 in 2017

Day 8 in 2017.

Came back to my uni 5 days ago for a fresh start in this new year, but only today I get the momentum back to follow my routine/schedule as a student. Since I came back I was busy settle important things and still few things yet to be done plus down with fever 2 days ago. I am that type of people who seldom get ill, but once I got sick I feel terrible and I usually sick when I have many things to do. It’s okay everything happen for a reason and I think God make me sick to give me more energy later.

Yesterday I spend some time listened to Prof Dr Muhaya talk about improving ourselves in 2017. I love to listen to her talk from her Facebook to keep me motivated so I want to share 12 things to do in 2017.


  1. Positive mental attitude – be always positive
  2. Good health – take good food and exercise
  3. Human relation – be good to ourselves and everyone around us, don’t judge other people
  4. Freedom from fear – only fear to the Almighty
  5. Optimistic for future achievement – think positive for our future, be confident that we can get whatever good things we want in the future
  6. Capacity of applied faith
  7. Willingness to share – share good thing with other people
  8. Engage in labour of love – full of love to other people
  9. Open minded
  10. Discipline – keep discipline in what we do, do it in 66 days and we will keep doing it consistently
  11. Wisdom to understand people – do understand why certain people do certain behaviour, don’t judge them
  12. Financial security – if we can do the previous 11, insyaAllah our financial is secured


May we can take good care of this precious 12 to be a better person starting 2017 insyaAllah 🙂


Little Dream

After having some fun time at home, today I went back to Penang. I know my thesis, proposals, papers and data miss me so much and hence, here I am in my hostel with a new toiletmate 😀 I have to share my toilet again but it is okay. FYI, I stay in single room hostel and every two rooms will share one bathroom.

Enough with my room and toilet 😛

Earlier today I went to KLIA 4 hours before departure because I wanted to check in at the kiosk (I love kiosk :P). Usually, I went to the airport like 1-2 hours early and I can check in at the kiosk like a boss (but boss check in at business/first class counter :’D). However, when I wanted to check in for my flight today, I couldn’t do it because it is full flight and only few seats left ! So I was not very early this time.

Like while having same problem during my trip to Bali, I forgot to try my luck if I can get free upgrade to business class. It is not wrong to ask and try our luck right? Forgot to try my luck plus there was no more window seat, I was quite sad but it is okay, at least I still can board into my flight.

Entered the plane, looking at people at business class, with wide space. Still, it is okay as long I can reach my destination safely no matter what class my seat. I am still a student, dreaming doesn’t hurt. As I reached my seat row, I saw a woman sit at my seat. Her seat was the window seat but she refused to sit there and wanted to change with me. Yeayyyyy!!! Windowwwww!!!! I want to see outside the plane not the cabin crew walk back and forth :p


Anddddd later I realised that I sat at emergency exit. Wide spaceeeeee!!! Even at the emergency exit but heyyyyy ! I was super happy and grateful. Really enjoy my one hour domestic flight.

It is not wrong to have small dream, even a little hope 😉


A brand new year. A year older. More life experiences to come.

Thank you 2016 for the ups and downs, for teaching me to be wiser and more positive. I hope I can achieve a lot this year and be happier as well.

My resolution for 2017? Of course to be a better person and work harder for my Ph.D.

Happy new year 2017 ! May this year be a better year for all of us Aminnn 🙂

Bali & Conference 2016

When I knew I am going to Bali this year, I was so excited. This is because it is my first trip oversea (even just Indonesia, but still outside of Malaysia) and I get to attend a conference and holiday as well. This is my second conference, the first one was last year in Penang.

On October 31st , I went to Bali. An hour flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur and three hours from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar Bali.

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While waiting for our flight. I need coffee every morning or I become a zombie

Decided to check in at the kiosk at Penang International Airport, but turn out the kiosk did not process our check in. Instead of queing at Economy class, I went to Business class counter. At first my intention was just to ask about my check in status as the kiosk did not process my boarding pass, but end up the staff check in for us, and our bags too! Check in at Business class counter like a diva, but forgot to ask for free upgrade 😛

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Arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport at 6.17 pm (the time in Bali is same as Malaysia) and there is twilight as it is already Maghrib in Bali. The airport is just by the sea so the view was so beautiful once we were about to land and across the runway. Checked in at the hotel at 7.30 pm and decided to just rest at the hotel.

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While waiting for the bags


November 1st

First morning in Bali. Had breakfast at the hotel I stayed, Bintang Kuta as it is near to the conference venue, Ramada Bintang. The hotel is nice and comfortable to stay, just lack of choices for breakfast buffet.


First breakfast at Bali, with Syifaa

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The view from the hotel room

After breakfast, me, Syifaa and Syazana (the secretariats) and my supervisor went for a meeting with the hotel manager to discuss about the conference. My supervisor is the chair of the USM Bali Conference 2016, so that is why I became one of the secretariats. I was also the co author for one of the papers for the conference, but Syifaa was the one who present our paper.

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After the meeting, I had nasi bakar for lunch

We had lunch at Lippo Mall, which is near to our hotel and we need aircond! Bali was so hot and we had to wait for others who arrived in the evening to set up for the conference so we just had lunch and went back to the hotel.

After the set up, we went to the beach. Kuta Beach is amazing!



Can watch the airplanes arrive from the beach!


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With Syifaa and Syazana


November 2nd

First day of conference, my first experience as secretariat. Challenging but need to remain calm. Such a great experience!


One of the rooms for parallel session

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With my field supervisor

The first day of conference ends at 5 pm. Went to the hotel room, change clothes and went to the beach to watch the sunset again 😀

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Being jemah as usual 😛


Beautiful and romantic place for dinner ❤


Single lady only can walk around and take pictures 😛

Later in the evening, me, Syifaa and Syazana went for a walk, looking something for dinner.


Had nasi campur Bali. Rp 35,000 for nasi campur and Rp 15,000 for juice.

After dinner, we decided to walk around Kuta. The place is happening and safe to walk, because there were hotels along the road and there are guards in front of the hotels. The guards also help to cross the road, or else the cars won’t let us cross hehe.

We found

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Jamie Oliver restaurant! Just beside Hard Rock Hotel and the Rock Shop

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Hard Rock Hotel

Went back to the hotel at 10.30 pm to get some rest for second day of the conference.


November 3rd

Didn’t take pictures because kinda busy preparing for the day and end of the conference and also went for parallel session and keynote address. It was a smooth conference Alhamdullilah.

Guess where I went for dinner?

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Had delicious seafood with very nice view, but it was dark so I just took a few pictures.


November 4th

Had breakfast and went to watch Barong dance. Ticket price: Rp 100,000.


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The stage


The music players



Had nasi padang for lunch


Some of the dishes for nasi padang

After lunch, we went to see the making of kopi luwak


The coffee seeds

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The poop 😛

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Free coffee and tea testing. I love the vanilla coffee.

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Kopi luwak testing. Rp 50,000 per cup.

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Kopi luwak

All of us tried the kopi luwak except my supervisor and her kids. She was against us when we first told her we wanted to try the kopi luwak, but finally she just let us try it. Tried it just for experience and I don’t think I will drink it again. FYI, kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, but in my opinion, the taste is just like normal black coffee.

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At Ubud market

To shop at Ubud market, you really need to bargain to get the cheapest price. Just leave if they didn’t give you the price you ask for, and they will shout “okay, take it (what price we asked before)”. But not all will do that, because it is tourist attraction and there are a lot of tourists from other countries who willing to buy at higher price so some of them don’t mind if we don’t buy from them.


Last destination of the day: Rice terrace


November 5th

Shopping day! Every Saturday, Rock Shop at Hard Rock Cafe (not at Hard Rock Hotel, there are two Rock Shops) will be having 50% discount for all items. I won’t miss this chance. Arrived at 9.10 am quite many people already inside the shop and also queing for their turn to shop. Alhamdullilah I did not have to wait for long time to get into the shop.

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Walk along the beach from Hard Rock to the hotel

At 4 pm, we went to the airport.



Not my flight


Change gate from Gate 6 to Gate 1


Bye bye Bali

I had such great experiences at Bali. What a nice work trip & holiday, I get to meet so many peopleAlhamdullilah for the opportunities. Looking forward to visit Bali again with family and friends as I did not go to all famous attractions in Bali like Uluwatu temple. Can’t wait for many more conferences too!

Now back into reality. Let’s continue writing for Ph.D thesis.

The Unholy Trinity

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These two are my favourite twins, and we called ourselves as The Unholy Trinity. Bahiyah is the one who wear convocation robe another one is Bahirah.

I met Bahiyah when both of us were the committee of uni’s convocation expo. We were having a course at Bukit Merah and we became partner for ice breaking. Being herself, Bahiyah is so friendly even we just met for the first time. Later only I know she has a twin sister, Bahirah but end up I hang out with Bahirah more because Bahiyah did her industrial training at Damansara and Bahirah did her teaching training at Parit Buntar. So she will come to me when she need to release her stress at Starbucks 😀

Three of us love food so much so we will spend time together at restaurants, coffee shop chatting and took pictures (Bahiyah is so good in doing flatlays). We also spend our precious time watching movie and do lots of things together I can’t remember all because I had so much fun.



Bahiyah always being a fun person


Bahirah is the most romantic

Sadly, The Unholy Trinity is separating 😦 Me being stranded in Penang for few more years InsyaAllah, Bahiyah working in Damansara & Bahirah in Lahad Datu (she’s the best teacher ever! I know that’s why she was being sent there to help people in Lahad Datu get good education).

Cici loves both of you. All the best girls Xo!




D was my roommate when I do my degree, not the founder of dUCk 😛 We were roommates for three years and then she went back to Muar. She was a Physics student back then so now she works as an engineer.

Last Friday she came to Penang to release her stress, and I was so excited to spend some time with her even for only two days. She arrived at Penang before Subuh prayer, so she became Malin’s and my alarm clock on that day 😀 Picked her up, and had a great chat before went to get our rental car. I don’t have a car and Malin had another agenda on that day so it is just two of us on that day.

After we get our car, we went to… Bank Islam! Hahaha. I need to settle some important things there and I want to change my debit card to paywave (must change by end of this year). Luckily, D also wanted to change her card so I brought her and Syafiah (we made promise to change our card together) with me. After that, dropped Syafiah back in USM and we went to Equatorial for dimsum lunch. D was craving for dimsum and this is the pork free dimsum that I found in Penang so far.


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This was the unlimited dimsum lunch buffet. RM 58 nett person, we can chose as much dimsum as we want but we need to finish it, or else we will be charged the actual price. Besides that, we also can choose one choice of fried rice and noodles. Beverages sold separately. The dimsum was good and to me it is quite affordable. Still missing the prawn dumplings at Anggerik 😀

After the great dimsum buffet, we went to Gurney Plaza because I want to install Apple Care Protection and renew Microsoft Office for my Macbook, and I need a haircut! D agreed to accompany me as she only wanted to go jalan-jalan 🙂 Later at night we went to Straits Quay before we went back to my hostel because Malin was finally done with her party with her friends and wanted to meet D.




The next morning we (including Malin) went to Astaka Taman Tun Sardon for breakfast. Malin was sick so she had porridge. Me and Malin wanted to have roti jala but the pakcik didn’t sell roti jala on that day 😦 We end up having nasi lemak. This place is famous for variety choices of food for breakfast, but for me and Malin who already in our 6th year in Penang, this place is just a place for breakfast. But the food is good! 🙂


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Malin was sick, so she wanted to go back to get some sleep after breakfast. So we sent her back, and we went to Gurney Paragon to watch Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. D was so excited because this was her first time watching movie at Beanie TGV. The movie was so great too!!! Had Haagen Dazs after the movie before heading back to USM to fetch Malin for nasi 7 benua.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My first time. The food is nice.


Before D went back, we went to Queensbay Mall because D missed it so much 😛 After all, I bet this is the mall for all USM students, so the ex students will miss it when they are not in Penang anymore.

D left at 11 pm. Although it was a short trip for D, but we had great times together! Hope to see you soon D 🙂

Xo, A.



Calm and Peace


Spend Maal Hijrah eve at one of my favourite places in Penang, Pusat Ilmu Falak Sheikh Tahir, Balik Pulau. Knew this place from my friend, Malin, who collected data for her masters thesis here. Sometimes I will accompanied her here, so while she was collecting the data, I will do my work.

This place is the best place to study because of the quiet and calm environment, and if you need to release some stress, this is the place too! Usually we came here on weekend, so there’s no staff except us, but the staffs are great and friendly too! I am gonna miss them after this. Maybe last two days was my last day there, because Malin is already done collecting data.

Thank you for giving me chance to study and get ideas for my writing here.



Now you understand why I love this place so much? It is okay if I didn’t get to see the new moon, as long as I can enjoy the beautiful scenery here 🙂

Salam Maal Hijah 1438H to all! May this new year will make us a better person to ourselves, society and Allah of course!