Straight and Connected – NOT

Source: Google image

Actually, this is what inside my brain (refer to right picture).

Currently in my fourth semester and there is a lot of thing I need to improve. Met my supervisor yesterday to discuss my latest draft and still there is a lot to change. ┬áHonestly, I was so nervous everytime submitting my drafts and I am always not satisfy with my drafts but I need to show it to my supervisor so she will know my progress. In the end, I will say to myself “It’s okay, you can’t keep your drafts and change it forever”.

She told me somehow I have what I want to write or tell in my mind but I am not expressed it on the paper. With additional comments on my draft (lots of purple ink, now I think my mind is worst than the picture on the right, not straight and brain cells not connected with each other. I think I need to clear my mind and Alhamdullilah the weather is sooooo awesome now ­čÖé

Hopefully I can think better and get some ideas soon !