Rock Bottom

by Azirah Azhar


Well, hello blog? Haha.

Haven’t post anything past few months just because I have nothing to share or write. In other word, I have no idea what to write about. Maybe all in my mind is what to write in the thesis draft to show to my supervisor. Really a permanent head damage.

Few days ago, I came across this tweet, by one of my favourites, Alicia. This tweet reminds me of people asking me why am I so positive or so strong in handling some situations. Actually, I am not, but I have no choice. There is up and down in life and we have to face it and go on with our lives. That’s what I do all this while. I don’t think I need to show to the whole world how I was, except for few people who realise without me having to tell them. So yeah, just look forward and be positive for the future.

Another new issue coming in: I am too comfortable being alone. Do I look like that? 🙂