12 in 2017

by Azirah Azhar

Day 8 in 2017.

Came back to my uni 5 days ago for a fresh start in this new year, but only today I get the momentum back to follow my routine/schedule as a student. Since I came back I was busy settle important things and still few things yet to be done plus down with fever 2 days ago. I am that type of people who seldom get ill, but once I got sick I feel terrible and I usually sick when I have many things to do. It’s okay everything happen for a reason and I think God make me sick to give me more energy later.

Yesterday I spend some time listened to Prof Dr Muhaya talk about improving ourselves in 2017. I love to listen to her talk from her Facebook to keep me motivated so I want to share 12 things to do in 2017.


  1. Positive mental attitude – be always positive
  2. Good health – take good food and exercise
  3. Human relation – be good to ourselves and everyone around us, don’t judge other people
  4. Freedom from fear – only fear to the Almighty
  5. Optimistic for future achievement – think positive for our future, be confident that we can get whatever good things we want in the future
  6. Capacity of applied faith
  7. Willingness to share – share good thing with other people
  8. Engage in labour of love – full of love to other people
  9. Open minded
  10. Discipline – keep discipline in what we do, do it in 66 days and we will keep doing it consistently
  11. Wisdom to understand people – do understand why certain people do certain behaviour, don’t judge them
  12. Financial security – if we can do the previous 11, insyaAllah our financial is secured


May we can take good care of this precious 12 to be a better person starting 2017 insyaAllah 🙂