Little Dream

by Azirah Azhar

After having some fun time at home, today I went back to Penang. I know my thesis, proposals, papers and data miss me so much and hence, here I am in my hostel with a new toiletmate 😀 I have to share my toilet again but it is okay. FYI, I stay in single room hostel and every two rooms will share one bathroom.

Enough with my room and toilet 😛

Earlier today I went to KLIA 4 hours before departure because I wanted to check in at the kiosk (I love kiosk :P). Usually, I went to the airport like 1-2 hours early and I can check in at the kiosk like a boss (but boss check in at business/first class counter :’D). However, when I wanted to check in for my flight today, I couldn’t do it because it is full flight and only few seats left ! So I was not very early this time.

Like while having same problem during my trip to Bali, I forgot to try my luck if I can get free upgrade to business class. It is not wrong to ask and try our luck right? Forgot to try my luck plus there was no more window seat, I was quite sad but it is okay, at least I still can board into my flight.

Entered the plane, looking at people at business class, with wide space. Still, it is okay as long I can reach my destination safely no matter what class my seat. I am still a student, dreaming doesn’t hurt. As I reached my seat row, I saw a woman sit at my seat. Her seat was the window seat but she refused to sit there and wanted to change with me. Yeayyyyy!!! Windowwwww!!!! I want to see outside the plane not the cabin crew walk back and forth :p


Anddddd later I realised that I sat at emergency exit. Wide spaceeeeee!!! Even at the emergency exit but heyyyyy ! I was super happy and grateful. Really enjoy my one hour domestic flight.

It is not wrong to have small dream, even a little hope 😉