Calm and Peace

by Azirah Azhar


Spend Maal Hijrah eve at one of my favourite places in Penang, Pusat Ilmu Falak Sheikh Tahir, Balik Pulau. Knew this place from my friend, Malin, who collected data for her masters thesis here. Sometimes I will accompanied her here, so while she was collecting the data, I will do my work.

This place is the best place to study because of the quiet and calm environment, and if you need to release some stress, this is the place too! Usually we came here on weekend, so there’s no staff except us, but the staffs are great and friendly too! I am gonna miss them after this. Maybe last two days was my last day there, because Malin is already done collecting data.

Thank you for giving me chance to study and get ideas for my writing here.



Now you understand why I love this place so much? It is okay if I didn’t get to see the new moon, as long as I can enjoy the beautiful scenery here 🙂

Salam Maal Hijah 1438H to all! May this new year will make us a better person to ourselves, society and Allah of course!