Last Quarter

by Azirah Azhar



I just finished reading both volumes of 88 Love Life, because I need a motivation. People do need motivation or negativity will conquer our life. This is basically what we called recharge.

Battery can be fully recharge or drain, so does our life, there are ups and downs. Sometimes I do miss working. My first job. Even it is just temporary but I really love it. Honestly, I love being busy. I am not saying that I am not being busy doing Ph.D, but I want to do more. Not just read journal articles and draft a proposal. I do miss replying emails, analysing data, do table on Excel file, etc. So I won’t get distracted much and not have to deal with my emotions. Did I mentioned that I have to be strong and deal with my emotions since doing Ph.D?

I am not complaining, I am really grateful. There are ups and downs in my life. Whatever it is, I must keep moving forward. I know something great is coming and I am really excited for it. Eventhough I don’t know what it is, but I put my trust on Him. Welcoming the last quarter of 2016 and looking forward for 2017 too! Every day is a brand new day, brand new life. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…