Write or Not to Write

by Azirah Azhar


Source: Google

It’s Saturday morning with such a great weather. Woke up feeling great and have a nice cup of coffee, double happiness. Checking the social medias (i.e. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat), then I am ready to start my day.

Being a Ph.D student means that you need to do your work almost every single day (except lazy day, going out, etc. – so many excuses, don’t be like me please). Today, I’ve decided to do some writing, but here I am.. updating my blog.

Actually, I am here after few hours spending on writing. Writing is not an easy task for me. I do have this problem where I have the idea to write but I do not know where to start. This happens almost every day. Even my supervisor told me that it is not an easy task and I need a good coffee and time to write.

Gathered informations – write – blank – update blog – now back to write.