Confidence, Not Conceit

by Azirah Azhar



First of all, thank you to my bij for introducing me to Ivanka Trump‘s website. I get lots of information and wise words which is inspiring.

Today, I came across this #ITWISEWORDS which is currently my favourite until she come out with another wise words hehe. I think this wise words relate to me a lot and maybe to others too.

Carry yourself with confidence not conceit. Honestly, most of the time I do not feel confidence. Not saying that I am not grateful, but not being the smart one in class, the adorable one make me feel like I am just average person. Perhaps I am right 🙂

Perhaps, I think I should have some confidence, but most important is do not conceit. This is what I hate the most. Being conceit in many ways, such as lack of common sense, not considering others’ feelings. Sometimes the way we approach people or the way we talk might hurt other people. I do feel that sometimes so that is why I do my best to prevent myself for doing the same too. Being harsh to people is a big NO.

We have to be confidence, and happy with whatever we have but remember, sometimes we think we are smart enough, rich enough but with the attitude, you might downgrade yourself.

Be confidence, not conceit. Don’t look down on others, even they are downgrading theirselves. Because attitude already shows how low a person’s dignity is.

Already get myself a cup coffee, now I need to be confidence that I can do my work and enjoying myself better 🙂