Once You Reach 24

by Azirah Azhar

As I’ve told million times that this month is my birthday month and I turned 24 this year, I came across this article on what to do once you reach the age of 24.


Source: Facebook

It looks ugly because I arranged it to make it in one picture πŸ˜€ Sorry I forgot the link of this article. Got it from Facebook.

By the way, I am already 24, so based on the article:

  1. Stop buying cheap clothes – I am not a rich kids! But now I am more alert when buying clothes. Still love to buy clothes on sale but being me, sometimes when I wanted something so bad I will buy it even it is not cheap. Well, I am more mature now as I will think more than twice before buying. Quality and comfort is priority!
  2. Stop dating unsuitable ones – Currently single. Still studying so I don’t have money to go for a date (we can’t depend on guys.. guys..)
  3. Stop caring on what other people think – Already did that. I feel happier when I just focused on myself, what makes me happy, but still not being selfish. We know what is the best for ourselves.
  4. Stop blaming your parents – Being a teenager (not anymore), we will not agree with parents on some issues or anything. However, parents is everything and they know what is the best for us. Being a naughty child back then (now? :p), as I grow older, sometimes there are matters which I am not agree with them, but I just keep in my mind that they know the best for me.
  5. Stop holding onto old hopes and dreams – Being myself now is my old dream.
  6. Stop living in denial about your finances – I will tell everyone when I am broke πŸ˜‰ Since I am still a student, living in a hostel and receive government allowance for living so I have not much to do with this yet.
  7. Stop being too nice – Same as number 3.
  8. Stop wasting so much time on the internet – This is one of my major problems. Tried to avoid it so many times but still remain the same when i am bored sticking to books, journals and writing. Need to make myself more discipline then.
  9. Stop taking your health and fitness for granted – Did you know that I already start to eat salad and drink plain water? πŸ˜€
  10. Stop being messy – I think I am not really messy. Sometimes maybe.