Last Quarter



I just finished reading both volumes of 88 Love Life, because I need a motivation. People do need motivation or negativity will conquer our life. This is basically what we called recharge.

Battery can be fully recharge or drain, so does our life, there are ups and downs. Sometimes I do miss working. My first job. Even it is just temporary but I really love it. Honestly, I love being busy. I am not saying that I am not being busy doing Ph.D, but I want to do more. Not just read journal articles and draft a proposal. I do miss replying emails, analysing data, do table on Excel file, etc. So I won’t get distracted much and not have to deal with my emotions. Did I mentioned that I have to be strong and deal with my emotions since doing Ph.D?

I am not complaining, I am really grateful. There are ups and downs in my life. Whatever it is, I must keep moving forward. I know something great is coming and I am really excited for it. Eventhough I don’t know what it is, but I put my trust on Him. Welcoming the last quarter of 2016 and looking forward for 2017 too! Every day is a brand new day, brand new life. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…

Write or Not to Write


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It’s Saturday morning with such a great weather. Woke up feeling great and have a nice cup of coffee, double happiness. Checking the social medias (i.e. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat), then I am ready to start my day.

Being a Ph.D student means that you need to do your work almost every single day (except lazy day, going out, etc. – so many excuses, don’t be like me please). Today, I’ve decided to do some writing, but here I am.. updating my blog.

Actually, I am here after few hours spending on writing. Writing is not an easy task for me. I do have this problem where I have the idea to write but I do not know where to start. This happens almost every day. Even my supervisor told me that it is not an easy task and I need a good coffee and time to write.

Gathered informations – write – blank – update blog – now back to write.



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Having a clean room is a must, since I was a kid. If not, prepare for a lecture by mom😀

That is not my main point actually. Yes, I do clean up my room, it is a must. Everyone did that. But recently, I realised that I will clean up my room, do laundry (did that every two days, hand wash people!) and clean up the bathroom (my hostel room is attached with bathroom shared by two people, i.e. me and my neighbour) whenever I stress or bored.. Like a therapy. Another therapies are eating and shopping of course.

After I did that I will feel tired but satisfy like just finish up a marathon haha. But after all, I feel happy so it is okay I guess.

Now I am enjoying the nice weather while waiting for my bedtime Zzzzz…


Confidence, Not Conceit



First of all, thank you to my bij for introducing me to Ivanka Trump‘s website. I get lots of information and wise words which is inspiring.

Today, I came across this #ITWISEWORDS which is currently my favourite until she come out with another wise words hehe. I think this wise words relate to me a lot and maybe to others too.

Carry yourself with confidence not conceit. Honestly, most of the time I do not feel confidence. Not saying that I am not grateful, but not being the smart one in class, the adorable one make me feel like I am just average person. Perhaps I am right🙂

Perhaps, I think I should have some confidence, but most important is do not conceit. This is what I hate the most. Being conceit in many ways, such as lack of common sense, not considering others’ feelings. Sometimes the way we approach people or the way we talk might hurt other people. I do feel that sometimes so that is why I do my best to prevent myself for doing the same too. Being harsh to people is a big NO.

We have to be confidence, and happy with whatever we have but remember, sometimes we think we are smart enough, rich enough but with the attitude, you might downgrade yourself.

Be confidence, not conceit. Don’t look down on others, even they are downgrading theirselves. Because attitude already shows how low a person’s dignity is.

Already get myself a cup coffee, now I need to be confidence that I can do my work and enjoying myself better🙂

Once You Reach 24

As I’ve told million times that this month is my birthday month and I turned 24 this year, I came across this article on what to do once you reach the age of 24.


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It looks ugly because I arranged it to make it in one picture😀 Sorry I forgot the link of this article. Got it from Facebook.

By the way, I am already 24, so based on the article:

  1. Stop buying cheap clothes – I am not a rich kids! But now I am more alert when buying clothes. Still love to buy clothes on sale but being me, sometimes when I wanted something so bad I will buy it even it is not cheap. Well, I am more mature now as I will think more than twice before buying. Quality and comfort is priority!
  2. Stop dating unsuitable ones – Currently single. Still studying so I don’t have money to go for a date (we can’t depend on guys.. guys..)
  3. Stop caring on what other people think – Already did that. I feel happier when I just focused on myself, what makes me happy, but still not being selfish. We know what is the best for ourselves.
  4. Stop blaming your parents – Being a teenager (not anymore), we will not agree with parents on some issues or anything. However, parents is everything and they know what is the best for us. Being a naughty child back then (now? :p), as I grow older, sometimes there are matters which I am not agree with them, but I just keep in my mind that they know the best for me.
  5. Stop holding onto old hopes and dreams – Being myself now is my old dream.
  6. Stop living in denial about your finances – I will tell everyone when I am broke😉 Since I am still a student, living in a hostel and receive government allowance for living so I have not much to do with this yet.
  7. Stop being too nice – Same as number 3.
  8. Stop wasting so much time on the internet – This is one of my major problems. Tried to avoid it so many times but still remain the same when i am bored sticking to books, journals and writing. Need to make myself more discipline then.
  9. Stop taking your health and fitness for granted – Did you know that I already start to eat salad and drink plain water?😀
  10. Stop being messy – I think I am not really messy. Sometimes maybe.