Why I choose…

Hi all!

Remember my promise to you to share where I choose to go before degree? As I told you before my SPM result was too gorgeous :p so I don’t expect much and just apply based on my qualification.

Actually even before sit for my SPM, I already decide to enter form 6 (or foundation) even teachers advice us to go to matriculation. It is not because I thought matriculation doesn’t have standard but I am scared of its difficulty. The syllabus I mean because I heard many said that it is hard to perform well there.

When my result was out, with my dissapoinment, my teacher said that I am eligible to enter matriculation. 100% confident (oh my teacher!) I was like what??? Is it true?

Yes, it is true. I got an offer to enter Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor (KMS) and diploma in Accountancy at UiTM Puncak Alam. After I think for awhile, I told my father “I choose matriculation. I want to try, if I can’t survive, you must take me out of there” Father said “okay, up to you” then continue played PS2.

So I entered KMS and at first OMG!!! Rushing mode on! Class 8-5, have to finish up tutorials, quizzes every week, no enough time to chill and eat (automatically diet :p). And here comes final exam for first semester. Do you know, before the result was out I applied for next intake UiTM because I am scared if I can’t perform well..and I got an offer to enter foundation in LAW. My father laughed. Haha

Another problem is, I have to register before my result came out. Think again… Okay, I stay in KMS, I accept whatever my result is. Alhamdullilah I survived for 2 semester! Phew!

Been accepted to go for interview for degree at UPNM but during my time result for intake in USM came out first and Alhamdullilah here I am :)

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